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John Zhao is the CEO of ODI Laser Co., Ltd which supply beauty machines.
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- What choose to prevent wrinkles about the eyes?
- News About Fat Freezing Machine
- Remodel Your Face with Oxygeneo
- How is a laser tattoo removal session work
- Picosecond Laser : Tattoo Removal and Treatment For Pigment

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 Preparing for Face Lift Treatment Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A face lift is where a loose skin on the face and neck is smoothed, the underlying tissue can be tightened and excess fat can be removed. The results usually make a face that appears firmer and fresher, often it takes years of your appearance.

Who is the right candidate for a face lift?
• Loss of a well-defined jaw line.
• Deep wrinkles in the cheeks and looseness around the cheekbones.
• loose skin, wrinkles, upright cords, or excess fat tissue in the neck

How's the look at the therapy done? You'll be evaluated for the opportunity to lift treatment, to estimate the thickness, structure and elasticity of the epidermis, and the seriousness of wrinkles and creases. Many of these factors, along with your bone structure and also the underlying tissue, will be taken into consideration in working on your personal plan for treatment. Additional procedures that may be performed having a facelift is going to be discussed along with you.

Do you know the various kinds of non surgical face lift machine? Obtaining the best result is determined by individual factors and private preferences. We'll consult with the particular way in which recommends for the particular procedure What's the time to recover? It varies by individual and kind of treatment. Following the procedure, it always takes 3-4 days to resume normal activity and start exercising four days after treatment.

Do you know the expected outcomes of lifting the face area? It truly depends in route you've prior to the treatment, the lifting results could be dramatic or subtle. With respect to the progress of healing, it will take several days to consider a precise picture of the change. Which kind of anesthesia is generally given? Lifting requires local or general anesthesia, this should be administered.

After treatment, you'll be requested to complete hardly any activity, you need to relax for any couple of days. Swelling, usually occurs 24 to 48 hrs after treatment, it might take several days prior to the swelling goes lower. Most bruising will appear reduced within two days. You should use makeup, which supports to hide any discoloration. You may even experience numbness in your face, which can be gift for several days.

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 Picosecond Laser : Tattoo Removal and Treatment For Pigment Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The picosecond laser from ODI Laser is different from other detaching lasers by very short pulses, from the order of the picosecond, which more particularly concentrate on the tattoo pigment and permit its destruction by photomechanical action. The amount of energy utilized by the picosecond laser tattoo removal machine is thus less than along with other lasers and also the negative effects around the surrounding tissues are thus less important. The healing is quicker, allowing to do sessions, laser laser tattoo removal for instance, much closer together. (each month using the picosecond laser, while using the Q-switched lasers, the sessions should be done every two to three several weeks, time the inked area heals)

The picosecond laser tattoo removal machine is especially appropriate for erasing tattoos. It may handle every color (except red), including blues and vegetables which were formerly inaccessible to the treatment. Dr. Molinari uses both picosecond laser and also the Q-switched laser: throughout the consultation, following a clinical examination, he'll propose cure protocol adapted for your situation. This laser may also be used for installments of therapeutic laser tattoo removal using the Q Switched, for very dense or large tattoos.

The picosecond laser tattoo removal machine may also be used to erase sunspots in the face, hands or neck in order to obvious the coffee-and-milk spots.Along side it effects to become expected carrying out a picosecond laser session are discomfort within the immediate aftermath from the treatment, then your secondary appearance of crusts or blisters. It might take as much as two days to attain complete healing. In almost any situation, healing following a picosecond laser session is a lot quicker than having a Q-switched laser, for that reasons pointed out above.

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 How is a laser tattoo removal session work Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The amount of de-tattoo sessions varies with respect to the nature from the tattoo and also the subject's skin (see above). It requires between 2 and three sessions for any superficial amateur tattoo (stitched with needle and black and white that will have blued with time) over a place of about five to ten cm2. For any professional tattoo, with respect to the use that's been made from the colours, we are able to total to 10 sessions to get rid of a tattoo, to become multiplied based on the surface concerned through the tattoo obviously.

Just like for any tattoo, it's mandatory to allow your skin rest and heal between your different sessions, with one to two several weeks between laser tattoo removal sessions: forget the thought of removing your tattoo within the back prior to the holidays. summer time, it ought to be expected that it'll most likely take more time than initially envisaged: the picosecond laser tattoo removal machine leads to a traumatism onto the skin much like those of the tattoo, using the formation of crusts. The time period of a tattoo remover treatment can therefore easily vary from one to two years with respect to the surface and also the nature from the tattoo. It's obviously necessary to talk to your physician, that will indicate easier the duration to supply based on your tattoo to get rid of.

Throughout a picosecond laser tattooing session, both physician and also the patient should put on safety goggles. Each session lasts between 10 and twenty minutes typically, with respect to the place to be treated. The outcome from the laserlight around the pigments is very vivacious and fast, coming to create a bleaching from the exhibited area, even of weak bleeding with sometimes debris projections

Again, discomfort is much like tattooing probably the most common questions. Would like to learn to sing? the time is right. A picosecond laser tattoo removal session is actually a very painful procedure, despite what most practitioners say. It is extremely common for patients to think about this task just as much more painful than tattooing. Could it be because it makes sense less appealing for a tattoo we have been longing for for any lengthy time, and we don't know what to anticipate when it comes to results the discomfort is much more vivid Using the laser, the discomfort is just more vivid and violent compared to a tattoo, especially because the burning sensation may last for several days with respect to the situation.

To safeguard from the discomfort brought on by the laser, we are able to consider using an anesthetic cream for example EMLA cream, to use about one hour prior to the session. Following the session, an oily healing cream is going to be applied daily not less than 30 days. For tattooing, avoid exposing the treated place to the sun's rays throughout the treatment period, and particularly during healing, is important

It's rare to see negative effects following a laser tattoo removal session. Some uncommon cases can happen, the persistence of marks and scars, having a slight grainy relief effect onto the skin, which often fades with time. It's obviously entirely possible that the visibility from the tattoo persists for those or part. The reactions of edema tend to be more frequent and particularly more serious in people of dark colored

laser tattoo removal treatment methods are an costly investment. The cost of the laser tattoo removal session can vary from 80 to 300 euros with respect to the surface, the middle and also the laser technology used. Cellular the amount of sessions needed, it is almost always still a really costly treatment, which, if it's really a supply of extremely effective results, may also result in failure in some instances. Therefore, it is particularly significant to gather medical opinions (and never "say") before starting this type of procedure, that is in most cases not reimbursed by social security (except for certain functions associated with rebuilding surgery following trauma for instance). Selecting a dermatological center based on its good status is a vital prerequisite, as with every area of appearance, mistrust is needed, along with a cost that appears beneficial can hide poor treatment conditions.

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 Remodel Your Face with Oxygeneo Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I don't frequently discuss beauty treatment. The infiltrations, the lasers ... cause me to feel just a little afraid. Despite the fact that I understand golden hands doing wonders. In almost any situation, I usually hesitate to advise either. But Let me tell you about Ruth Niddam and her anti-aging center RS ??Esth¨|tique. This lady, enthusiastic about high-tech appearance knows her field around the fingertips and it has set up in her lair probably the most advanced machines. Ultrashape version 3 for slimming and the body contouring, Accent XL (high energy rf device) for lifting and firming body and face, Brought technology to battle against sagging, pulsed light depilation ...

I confess for you, since a couple of days, I put myself at the disposal of Ruth to create my face more firm and my face oblong more tone. She provided to mix the Accent Ultra (selective ultrasound lipolysis device) and also the oxygeneo machine (supersonic jet that generates a higher pressure stream). Two Jet Peel sessions to have an Ultra Accent session.

I am away from the finish of my troubles but after one session each, I am really amazed. I don't doubt that whenever a couple of other sessions, the end result is going to be really spectacular.

When i first did an Ultra Accent session. This product combines two different advanced technologies for non-invasive and painless remodeling. It's been made to reduce fat, smooth your skin, lift, firm immediately ... short fight the sagging skin from the neck and face. The sessions ought to be done every three days since the work continues past the session and it makes sense much more convincing as time passes.

Not much later, I tested the Jet Peel System. Having a handpiece, Ruth first propels in a supersonic speed (<200m / s) (but without any contact with the skin) a mixture of air and saline solution in the form of a microscopic droplets jet. This powerful jet will generate a flow under high pressure which at first exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin and eliminates even particles usually inaccessible.

In a second time, Ruth chooses the active ingredient that suits me best and will penetrate up to several millimeters thanks to the power of the jet. Hyaluronic acid (deep hydration, volumizing effect and plumping effect), vitamin A and E (wrinkle reduction, wrinkles, fine lines, antioxidant power that slows down the harmful effects of skin aging), vitamin B5 (firming, radiance, cutaneous repair), vitamin C ( reduction of puffiness and swelling, restoration of elasticity), glycolic acid (elimination of dead cells, correction of pigment irregularities) ... If necessary, two of these active ingredients can be combined. Painful? Not at all. Annoying? I almost fell asleep ... During all the care, we have a feeling of fresh water on the face very pleasant. The advantage of this Jet Peel is that it can go anywhere on the face thanks to its small size.

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 News About Fat Freezing Machine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Lately showed up in the fat freezing machine College in Barcelona, the final update conference, we would have liked to express the most recent news relating to this technique we have been doing within our clinic for 8 years.

fat freezing machine may be the only non-surgical fat loss treatment that's been approved through the Food and drug administration (Fda) and acquired CE marking. It's an effective, safe and definitive approach to eliminating fat without resorting to surgery.

I was pioneers in the introduction in The country, in line with the safety and effectiveness standards formerly shown within the U . s . States. Which 8 experience and also the satisfaction in our patients, haven't done greater than confirm this data.

fat freezing machine enables us to shape your body contour, treating several areas (abdomen, flanks, back, inside from the leg, arms ...), even just in exactly the same session. The process is completely painless, because the cold enables a nearby anesthetic. The process lasts between 1-2 hrs with respect to the place to be treated. The outcomes are visible in the first week, however the end result is acquired from 1-4 several weeks following the session.

But what's new?

- 1. Now we are able to perform management of top of the arm area: finally there's an applicator that people may use to deal with el born area essential for many patients. Actually, it is among the couple of treatments available in this region, which, additionally, doesn't produce flaccidity. A few of the examples are:

- 2. Additionally to treating accumulations of localized fat, we currently do a complete, 360o assessment in individuals patients who would like body contouring. Patients without large excesses of fat but who wish to be perfect even just in a bathing suit. Now we are able to treat individuals small areas with excellent results.

- 3. Mold the thighs: when we combine management of inner thighs and cartridge belts, we obtain a substantial decrease in the contour.

- 4. Management of the region of the "double face": either alone or in conjunction with Belkyra, is really a working weapon for that fat from the submental area, the famous "double face".

- 5. In individuals patients who will have a surgical liposuction, the prior treatment with fat freezing machine improves the outcome. It enables the intervention to become less invasive and fewer extensive, therefore decreasing the quality of flaccidity that's produced after a comprehensive liposuction.

- 6. Recently, when compared with its imitators, fat freezing machine has proven effectiveness and safety. It's the only cryolipolysis that comes with temperature sensors, which prevent skin burns. Suspend the cycle right now once the temperatures are not correct or identify any anomaly.

In a nutshell, fat freezing machine is an extremely versatile, effective, safe and definitive treatment to get rid of localized fat. Today the innovation in body treatments, for example Cellfina for cellulite and Ultherapy plus Radiesse for flaccidity, makes the very first time modern skin care has effective and safe strategies to refresh your body without surgery. For all of us it's fortunate that Dr. Mercedes Sainz de Santamaría coordinates the body Unit and may advise making our CDI patients the best treatment.

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